Terms of Service

Hello, Cake Enthusiasts!

We're thrilled to share some exciting updates with you regarding our services. At Pastel Bakes we're always striving to enhance your experience, and we're pleased to introduce new guidelines that make ordering your favourite treats even more convenient.

Local Pick-Up

We offer pick up at our store front, Cafe Pastel, located on 862 Dundas st. west. Pick-ups are available only during open hours Tuesday- 12:30-8pm and Wedneday-Sunday 8:30am-8pm. You can select your pick-up date upon completing your online order and you will be emailed to confirm a pick-up time. For all custom orders, you will be contacted by our admin team to confirm a pick-up time. Please note that orders may not be ready if you arrive prior to the confirmed pick up time. If you are unable to pick-up your order, please contact us at +1 416 368-9490 or you may email us at hello@pastelbakes.com. Additionally, we do not take any responsibility for the status of the product (damages or otherwise) once it has been picked up.

If your order is not picked up on the selected pickup date, we cannot provide a refund. If you would like to make any edits or add special notes to your order, please ensure to contact us (best via email) as soon as you've placed the order. 


All our deliveries are currently completed through a third-party delivery service (Trexity). Before you complete your purchase, you will be prompted to add in the address for your delivery, following which you will receive a shipping cost. Please be mindful, that any mistakes on the address may lead to your product being delivered to an incorrect location. Pastel Bakes and Trexity will not be held accountable for any mistakes on shipping address made by customer. After your purchase is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email from our admin team to confirm a delivery slot. Please be advised that while we can deliver during a preferred slot, we cannot guarantee an exact time for delivery.

When completing your order, you will be prompted to add in your contact details. We advise that you enter the contact number of the recipient as Trexity may contact them upon delivery. Once the product is picked up by Trexity from our location, you will receive a tracking link to see the live route of your order. Trexity will contact you upon arrival to deliver to your door. If they cannot reach you, they will leave the product at the door or lobby (if no unit number or access to building is provided). Please note that we, nor trexity, are responsible for the status of your product after it has been delivered (this includes any weather conditions which may hamper the condition of the product). We advise that you ensure someone is available to pick up the package or at least be contacted for further instructions. We do not provide any refunds if delivery is missed or not received. 

Trexity is required to take a picture of the product once delivered. This ensures we are able to track any damages which may have occurred during travel. If your product arrives damage, please contact us immediately at +1647-804-0384 or email us at hello@pastelbakes.com with a proper image. While we may not be able to fix the issue right away, upon investigation, you may receive a portion of refund for your order. Certain products, such as two-tier cakes are recommended to pick up, as there is a higher risk of damage during travel. Therefore, any fragile or extra tall products delivered against our recommendations will not be refunded in case of damage. 


Pastel Bakes does not accept returns or provide exchanges for any orders due to the fact that all products are perishable. If there is any dissatisfaction with your order, we highly recommend that you email us at hello@pastelbakes.com within 48 hours from the date of pick up. Upon thorough investigation and communication, we may offer a partial refund under certain circumstances.

Please share the following details so we are properly able to assess the situation at hand, order name, any pictures of the products (inside/outside), a detailed description of the issue and the concerns. If your order was picked up, Pastel Bakes will bare no responsibility of any damages which could have occurred during transport or any products which may have been stored against the guidelines provided (see Cake Care Instructions Page). After assessing the situation, we will do our absolute best to ensure you are fully satisfied with your experience. Under exceptional circumstances, any complaints received after the 48 hour period will be assessed and given the circumstances, we may issue a credit for a future order. 



For all online orders, customers must request cancellation within minimum 3 business days prior to the date of pick-up/delivery. We cannot provide any refunds for cancellations/modifications made with less than 3 business days notice.

For all custom orders, we require a minimum of 1 weeks notice for cancellation/modifications on orders. We cannot provide any refunds for cancellations/modifications made with less than 1 weeks notice.

Under exceptional circumstance, Pastel Bakes may offer a credit for a future order or offer partial refund. To cancel your order, please contact us at hello@pastelbakes.com or call us at (416) 368-9490. 


At Pastel Bakes and Cafe Pastel, we are fully cashless and only offer payments via credit card, debit or interact e-transfer. All orders above $300 must be paid via debit card or interact e-transfer. If you would like to purchase any product over $300 with credit card, you may be subject to an additional transactional fee (dependent on price of product).