We’re Maliha & Fahmid, a husband-wife duo, here to tell you where it all started.

I, Maliha, am a good old home baker who has been dreaming of setting up her own little cafe and making handmade baked goods that are unique in looks and taste. Nothing makes me happier than pairing a cup of coffee with a sweet treat and tackling the daily hustle, and I strive every day to create a moment like that for others. My husband Fahmid is an engineer by profession but businessman in the heart. With his interests in business organization and my baking skills together we put together a team of passionate bakers and created our very own bakery, Pastel Bakes


We embarked on our journey amidst Covid-19 to tackle the impossible and just follow our dreams. To succeed in our vision we knew we would need a strong team and we feel blessed to have found a team of pastry chef and bakers to work alongside us and create the edge we’re looking to serve the Toronto public. We strive to make perfection and thrive on feedback, so we are working hard to bring forth creations to satisfy our community.


As a commercial kitchen we strive to maintain the best standard of cleanliness, in accordance with Toronto and Ontario laws and serve the best ingredients. On top of our mandatory food handling measures, we are making sure to consistently wash hands, clean surfaces, and reduce cross-contamination. Our dedication to cleanliness and compliance with local laws ensures we provide the highest quality to our customers.