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Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Cake

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Indulge in the rich and flavorful Vanilla Cake made with premium halal ingredients from our online store. A classic vanilla sponge cake with a vanilla pastry cream filling and vanilla buttercream .Our cake is moist and decadent, perfect for any occasion. Order now for delivery or pickup.

**Fillings can be exchanged if available; Please contact us after purchase**

~ 4-6 servings Tall (6" height x 4" wide)

~ 6-8 servings Tall (6" height x 5" wide)

~8-10 servings - Tall cake (6" height x 6" wide)

~11-15 servings - Tall cake (6" height x 7" wide)

~ 15-20 servings - Tall cake (6" height x 8" wide)

**Please note our layers and sizes have changed since last year. All short cakes are 2 layers, and tall cakes are 3 layers**

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