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Monochrome Vintage

Monochrome Vintage

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Discover our Monochrome Vintage Cake, featuring a deep and vibrant cake, adorned with elegant vintage piping. Dive into layers of rich flavor and elegant style, ideal for any special occasion. Add your choice of message in the comments box in addition to the flavor!

We have both a short traditional size and also a sleek tall size!


~4-6 servings - Tall cake (6" height x 4" wide)

~8-10 servings - Tall cake (6" height x 6" wide)

~11-15 servings - Tall cake (6" height x 7" wide)

~15-20 servings - Tall cake (6" height x 8" wide)

 **Please note our layers and sizes have changed since last year. All short cakes are 2 layers, and tall cakes are 3 layers**

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